• “This program has exceeded my needs in preparing for all my upcoming races. Most of my race injuries are . . . gone since attending the classes.”
    – John
  • “Excellent class, best I’ve taken.”
    – Lisa
  • “I’ve been dealing with a difficult case of plantar fasciitis – it’s taken a long time to heal and this class has really helped.”
    – Ashlee
  • “I feel stronger and more flexible, and definitely more stable while running (all reasons I joined the class). I enjoy the challenge and look forward to it every week.”
    – Rosie “
  • “I like the way it challenges me to breathe properly through difficulty . . . it is helping strengthen and open my flexibility.”
    – Bill
  • “Runners’ yoga has been helpful in reducing my pain and help me recover from my soft tissue injuries. Thank you!”
    – Rick “
  • “Yoga for runners with Mike has exceeded my expectations. The breath work has helped my running and daily activities. Mike gives good constructive feedback, is gentle, yet encourages participants to push themselves too. Great class!”
    – Lara
  • “Enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor – every class is different, with effective postures and information. Mike offers helpful adjustments and alternatives . . . to personalize instructions. I will definitely try this class again!”
    – Melanie
  • “A great adjunct to rehab for injuries that prevent running. My feet and ankles have never felt better.”
    – Sydney
  • “Perfect counterbalance to my running . . .”
    – Nancy
  • “The best instruction I’ve received . . . all in all a fantastic class”
    – Richard
  • “I am running faster, standing taller and more aware of my body than I have ever been.”
    – S.B.
  • “Excellent teacher – always explained everything clearly.”
    – Rebecca
  • “This was my first yoga class and I really enjoyed it. The instructions were good and easy to follow, even for a beginner. Thanks!”
    – Landon
  • “Great yoga class – as a new runner and fairly new to yoga I found it a great and challenging stretch every week. Highly recommended!”
    – Sandy
  • “I absolutely love the class.”
    – Cynthia
  • “Yoga for Runners is a great cross-training discipline . . . I’ve just started and can already feel the benefits”.
    – Brian
  • “Yoga for Runners is a great class . . .”
    – Pat